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Member card

Supply Chain Management


accession date: April 2007

representative: Zbigniew Cylny, President of the Board

Thanks to the good efforts of Foundation Advisory Council member Drew O’Malley, President of KFC, we are pleased to welcome Supply Chain Management (SCM) to the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility.  It is with great pleasure that we award our Foundation’s Gold Seal of approval to this vital Polish company.

Most of us enjoy the day to day consumption of retail products, but rarely do we understand just how these products get to their point of sale.  Behind the scenes for each consumer product is a supply chain that is responsible for the selection, ordering, receiving, storing, and making sure that the various products are delivered to each retail outlet fresh and on time.  This is just what SCM does for a large number of famous retail restaurant giants like Foundation member AmRest, parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut, Freshpoint, Rodeo Drive and Burger King, not only in Poland, but in other countries in Europe.

When asking Zbiniew Cylny, SCM chief executive for a short public relations statement about Supply Chain management for this newsletter, he replied “I feel uncomfortable bragging about our company, other than to say that God has been good to us and when we prosper, we give something back to the people who have supported us over the years.”

What a super guy, and what a super company.  It is this kind of attitude that makes us very proud to add the SCM logo to our membership roles.