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Polish American Film Society of Los Angeles


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We are pleased to welcome the Polish American Film Society of Los Angeles as a new Cooperating Organization of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. The Polish Film Festival Los Angeles is organized by the Polish American Film Society, a 501c3 organization formed to educate and inform the public about Polish culture, Polish films and the country of Poland generally. The organization’s largest event is the annual Polish Film Festival to be held in Hollywood from October 11-20th.

The 12th Annual Festival will open with BLACK THURSDAY by Antoni Krauze on October 11th, 2011 with a star-studded gala during which both Polish and American moviemakers will walk the red carpet at Hollywood's legendary Egyptian Theatre, an extravagant start to a ten-day-long celebration of Polish Cinema through October 20th, 2011 with subsequent screenings at the Laemmle's Sunset 5.

The following films will be screened and represent the most recent achievements of Polish cinema: ENTANGLEMENT by Jacek Bromski, ERRATUM by Marek Lechki, ESSENTIAL KILLING by Jerzy Skolimowski, HOLY BUSINESS by Maciej Wojtyszko, JOANNA by Feliks Falk, LITTLE ROSE by Jan Kidawa-Blonski, THE MOLE by Rafael Lewandowski, MYSTIFICATION by Jacek Koprowicz,THE CHRISTENING by Marcin Wrona, THE RITE OF PASSAGE by Janusz Majewski, VENICE by Jan Jakub Kolski.

This year’s winner of the POLA NEGRI AWARD is Academy Award winner Jon Voight. The following distinguished guests from Poland have been invited to attend this year’s Festival: Marian Dziedziel, Urszula Grabowska, Wojciech Pszoniak, Jerzy Stuhr, Marcin Walewski.

On October 20th, our Foundation will be honored by introducing the screening of the Polish comedy HOLY BUSINESS, directed by Maciej Wojtyszko. Bill and Virginia Chasey will introduce the film, and introduce our Foundation to the audience. The Chaseys will also present our Foundation’s Gold Seal of Approval as a socially responsible organization to Vladek Juszkiewicz, Executive Director of the Polish American Film Society of Los Angeles. We have also invited the famous Polish Actor/Director Andrzej Seweryn to represent the Polish American Film Society at our Foundation’s CEO Breakfast on October 17th at the Warsaw Sheraton Hotel.