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accession date: May 2010

representative: President of the Board, Roman Kubiczek

When it comes to sauces, dressings and marinades, the name to remember in Poland is FANEX Sp. zo.o, our newest member of the Foundation.  Here is how it all happened… Our super member Zbigniew Cylny, President of SCM, invited FANEX President Roman Kubiczek to be his guest at our Annual Breakfast meeting at the InterContinental Hotel on March 25th. Come to find out, Zbigniew and Roman were colleagues when they both worked for KFC a few years back.  Roman, the caring guy that he is, accepted the invitation, liked what he saw, and the rest is now Foundation history.

FANEX produces sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises, mustards, dressings, and marinades for distribution and retail customers. It is a private company with Polish capital. Since 1988 they have been producing products which meet the needs and requirements of a well-known and recognizable distribution network of retail supermarkets and restaurant chains throughout Poland. Production is conducted using the best western equipment in impressive aseptic production facilities. FANEX is proud that it uses natural raw materials of the highest quality in all of its products.
When you have 60,000 meals to prepare each month for 3000 hungry kids, the  conversation quickly turned to what FANEX products we could use in our own PromiseKitchen in Swidwin.  Roman said that FANEX would like nothing more than to help us and to provide products for our Foundation’s PromiseKids.  He listed just a few of the FANEX delights that will definitely appeal to our kids tastes:  ketchups, mayonnaise, mustard, chrzan, 1000 Island salad dressings, Mexican sauces, barbecue sauces, curry sauces, chili salsa, pizza sauces, gyro sauces, and even special order sauces that we may require.

We welcome FANEX to our 90 member strong Foundation and we look forward to bestowing our Foundation’s Gold Seal of Approval as a socially responsible company upon Roman Kubiczek and FANEX  at our Foundation’s fall breakfast meeting in October.  I hope all of our members will get to know Roman and learn to appreciate his giving heart.  He and FANEX are the best…

Fanex Sp. z o.o.
05-870 Błonie Radonice 5A
tel. 22 47 10 444 fax 22 47 10 410
NIP 524-040-14-45