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Member card

Exxon Mobil


accession date: July 2007

representative: General Manager, Ville Ylosjoki

We are delighted to announce that ExxonMobil Poland Sp.zo.o., a part of the world's largest company by revenue, Exxon Mobil Corporation, has become the newest member of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility, and we hereby award them our Foundation's Gold Seal of Approval as a socially responsible company.

ExxonMobil Poland has been present in the Polish market since 1991 and is currently focusing on the lubricants business in Poland. Globally, Exxon Mobil Corporation and its affiliated companies (“ExxonMobil”) is the world's largest supplier of lube basestocks and a leading marketer of finished lubricants and specialty products.

Anchored by Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil, ExxonMobil leverages three strong brands, Mobil, Exxon, and Esso. Many of the world’s top original equipment manufacturers trust ExxonMobil to deliver technically superior products that provide the lubrication they need to keep their vehicle engines and industrial machines running at peak performance. ExxonMobil's dedicated organization and strong distributor network supply high-quality lubricants and provide technical application expertise to customers all over Poland, Europe and over 180 other countries around the globe.

ExxonMobil takes their CSR responsibilities very seriously for their employees, shareholders, customers, communities, the environment and the society at large. ExxonMobil strongly believes that the way they achieve results is as important as the results themselves. Therefore, they are working had to embed CSR into the way they do business. They have integrated CSR policies and practices into their business, which help them ensure that they meet standards of integrity, safety, health, environment and social responsibility day in and day out and across their worldwide operations.

We welcome ExxonMobil Poland to the Foundation and thank Lead Country Manager Mark Green for his keen interest in our Foundation.