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accession date: May 2006

representative: General Manager, Phil Graham

I believe in miracles and have been the recipient of more than my share of late. Come to think of it, I may be one of the very few Charter Members of the International “Miracle-a-Day” Society. Although miracles are commonplace around this Foundation, today’s news that one of the world’s largest agricultural giants is joining our Foundation and supporting the Promise Kids Farm, is even too much for me.

It was just a short 9 months ago that we signed a 20-year renewable lease on our Promise Kids Farm property. Our progress in providing fresh milk to as many as 10,000 hungry Promise Kids each school day has been acceptable, but not miraculous.

That is until now! We are proud to have the full support and backing of Cargill, with its rich agricultural history dating back to W. W. Cargill’s first grain storage facility on the American Frontier in 1865. The company has grown to become on of the largest, privately owned businesses, providing food, agricultural products, and services around the globe. Cargill employs 142,000 people in 61 countries. Now I ask you, who could know farms, cows, feed and milk production better than Cargill does?

Our new member, Cargill Polska’s Animal Nutrition Division serves the livestock sector with quality feed and services. Based on years of experience and research, Cargill has introduced its own recipes and technologies as well as a thorough quality control process for ingredients and products bought, to provide its customers with a feeling of safety and the guarantee of high husbandry effectiveness. Cargill’s consultants provide on-site farmer advisory services, analyzing the needs of individual customers and drawing up feeding programs, based on these analyses, to meet the individual dietary needs of the livestock.

The Cargill plant in Bielany Wroclawskie, the only such mill in Central and Eastern Europe, produces glucose syrups and starches from Polish wheat. The syrups are used by confectionery, ice cream and soft drink manufacturers. Wheat gluten, the byproduct of glucose production, is used by the baking industry. Since 1999, the plant has begun the production of fructose, and since 2004, the manufacture of crude alcohol. Cargill also trades in semi-processed products in that are traded throughout the world from Poland.

As one would expect, Cargill’s activities on behalf of the Foundation will center on our Promise Kids Farm. To begin, Cargill will provide the major nutrient components for the diet we feed our cows. The Cargill specialists have already examined our Promise Kids Farm herd, and have designed just the right diet for our precious animals. Cargill consultants will continue to monitor each cow’s health status to help us guarantee maximum milk production and safety. Did I mention that Cargill Polska is helping us design our first Promise Kids Farm Barn?

In addition to all of this, the Cargill Headquarters in the USA has agreed to help us by increasing the number of cows in our herd. As the man said, “That’s a WOW!”

We are delighted to award Cargill our Foundation’s Gold Seal of Approval as a socially responsible company. Now that’s a miracle we won’t soon forget!