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representative: General Manager, George Anthonassiou

We are delighted to announce that Italy’s largest airline, Alitalia, has joined the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. We thank long-time Foundation Member Armando Benavides, CEO of ExxonMobil, for inviting Alitalia’s GM George Athanassiou to our Foundation’s Spring CEO breakfast in March. The rest is history.

Alitalia is the world's 19th largest passenger airline by fleet size. Italy’s largest airline, Alitalia (AZ) services some of the top destinations in the world including; Rome, Milan, Cairo, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Paris, Frankfurt, London, New York City, Miami, Boston, among others. Alitalia offers great services whether it's business class or economy.

Fly on Alitalia’s state-of-the art brand new A330 (on intercontinental flights) and A320 (on most of the medium/short haul flights) planes, setting the bar for the future of luxury flying. In addition to the smooth and quiet ride, travelers booking Alitalia flight enjoy access premiere entertainment services like; on-demand audio and video and fine meals and snacks. If you are flying in Economy class, you will be treated with soft-drinks or cocktails of your choice. By joining MilleMiglia, Alitalia’s mileage plus program you can earn miles every time you fly with Alitalia or with the other Partner airlines. If you become an exclusive Clubs member, enjoy VIP lounges, priority standby, free excess baggage allowances, discounted airfares to select destinations, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Alitalia deals and special offers on and save big on your next airline ticket!

Alitalia is run by private entrepreneurs who are well versed in quality of service and close attention to customers’ needs. They are fully aware that these elements are essential for companies to succeed and grow. Their commitment is to provide top quality ground services and onboard services so that every travel experience has that distinctive touch of Italian style. GM George Athanassiou likes to say, “Alitalia has taken off, with the aim of becoming the preferred carrier from Poland towards Italy and the rest of world”

Its A32s airbus planes fly from Warsaw to Rome daily at 12:50 and for July & August additionally every Mon. and Thurs. at 05:50.